Why Lagom142 Loves Ethnicraft

The world is adapting at a rapid pace. People are realising happiness begins with self-love and learning what we need versus what we want. Having forty meaningless items vs one item that you cherish is that gap between need and want. Balance is key to anything you want to achieve in life. Ethnicraft has found that balance and has used it for over 20 years to accomplish their designs and company standards. Here are three reasons to love Ethnicraft. Lagom142 loves Ethnicraft because we can now bring that key of inner happiness into your life and home.

1. Design with simplicity and knowledge.
Design is the art of knowing the little details that construct the final product. Ethnicraft has been creating furniture for over twenty years and they put their time and effort into each item. For example, the Bok Chair, designed by Alain van Havre combines sculptural elegance and contemporary crafting into a graceful and airy form. One of the most important parts of living the "Lagom lifestyle" is to bring natural elements into your home. The more warm wood tones and sepia hues make a room feel sunny and bright without using overwhelming bright colours. This effect brings in a fresh sense to your home and overall makes you happier.

2. The company is committed to sustainability. 
Except for the wood reclaimed from old buildings, the timber used in Ethnicraft’s furniture comes from FSC-certified or sustainably managed forests. Offcuts—the wood leftover from planks being cut to size are is recycled. Even sawdust is saved and used to fuel the ovens that dry the timber or for pallets.

3. The furniture complements just about every decor style.
We live in a minimalist world with white walls and deep contrasts. Ethnicraft's furniture fits into any modern space, from natural to a black and white atmosphere. The sleek designs speak volumes of luxury and thoughtfulness, making any space beautiful. 

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