Essentials for your home:
#2 - Classic lantern aesthetics meets modern technology. These weatherproof, built-to-last lanterns with long battery life and dimmable LED are an ideal indoor-outdoor lighting option year-round and make a stunning holiday gift!
To read the Nordic Noël article, see pages 150-156 in Escarpment Magazine Autumn/Early Winter 2023. <- Click Here.
The Style: If you love sitting by the fire, waiting for St. Nicholas to come, these elegantly designed fireplace accessories are a must. Designed in Sweden and brought to life by skilled craftspeople using ethically-sourced materials, we’re sure these tools will elevate those precious moments with family and friends.


Our Homes Southern Georgian Bay Spring 2019

THE STYLE: The shop carries goods that reflect true Scandinavian design paired with a thoughtfulness that makes each item special. Each object chosen is mindful and embraces both utility and design. There is a remarkable selection of highquality homewares, including beautiful table linens, cushions, wooden utensils, handmade brushes, white oak furniture and gorgeous candles.


Our Homes Southern Georgian Bay Fall/Holiday 2018

LAGOM 142 - Trays

A simple wrought-iron base lets the interchangeable trays take centre stage. Choose from a variety of glass, mirror or wood in many colours and patterns. Soy-base candles have scents that evoke regions of Canada.