Laurie and her husband, Pere, met while living in Paris, a modern day fairy tale that weaves a story about two people with an eye for design and knack for ambiance who set about to create a boutique décor and café in Andorra. The pair successfully ran two stores for over ten years before Laurie could no longer ignore the homesickness and the desire to be back in her native Canada. But Laurie had changed while living in Europe for over 14 years, and had developed a flair for European furnishings, style and design; a passion that fuels her new Canadian ventures. 

Fast forward to 2014 when they decide to move back to Canada and combine their appreciation for vintage furnishings and artistic talent and open a store in Creemore Ontario. Their first shop, Heirloom 142 features carefully curated vintage décor and furniture from both Europe and Canada. 

Two years later, in 2017, Lagom 142 was born. A Swedish word, "lagom" means not too little and not too much, something just right. Just next door to Heirloom 142, this new store features a range of home decor and lifestyle goods inspired by Scandinavia. Each item is carefully considered and hand picked by Laurie and Pere.