Latest Scandinavian Furniture in Lagom142

Today we are discussing the latest Scandinavian furniture in Lagom142 and why these carefully selected pieces are excellent additions to your home. Every few years, we see design styles change from industrial to rustic interiors, but no other genres seem to give the same impact as the Scandinavian style. We aren't saying different types of design are not effective or loved, but there is something about Scandinavian design that people can't get enough of and we aren't just talking about the big brand IKEA.

What does Scandi style mean?

Scandi style means a calm and welcoming atmosphere, something we all seek as humans after a long day at work. Building a Scandi design interior requires natural elements such as raw woods, neutral upholstery, and leathers. With all of these components, you can create an atmosphere that is fresh, personalised, and stress-free.

Minimal vs Scandinavian style

The minimal lifestyle has become one of the most significant trends we have seen yet, due to its extension of good mental health and high productivity rate, but there is a missing element within it. That element is personality, which is a fundamental factor in the Scandinavian lifestyle. It is all comes back to the fact that we are all different, and we all live various forms of lifestyles.

What does Scandinavian design furniture look like?

There are many examples and variations of Scadinavian or Nordic design but a couple examples to illustrate the style are as follows:

01 - Level Daybed

The first piece of Scandinavian furniture is the "Level Daybed", designed in our homeland Canada, by MSDS Studio, established by Jessica Nakanishi and Jonathan Sabine. The design expresses Scandinavian characteristics from its supple leather and sturdy wood elements, all coming together to elevate the simple structure as a whole. The Level Daybed focuses on clean lines and functionality without sacrificing its beauty.

02 - Oak Window Coffee Table

The second piece of Scandinavian furniture is the "Oak Window Coffee Table", designed by Constance Guisset, a French designer in Paris. This is an excellent example of Scandinavian design because not only does the table serve the purpose of storage and use, but it also displays what makes you unique as a person with a clear glass top. The table is made out of 100% oak wood and tempered glass.



Discover what is right for you and your home, use function, beauty, and personality to create the perfect atmosphere. Find that balance of need and want, and you will achieve true happiness in your home. Contact us or leave a comment below if you have any questions on how you can adapt to a more Scandinavian lifestyle.


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01 - Level Daybed 
02 - Oak Window Coffee Table









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